Kolech's Center for Women's Leadership

The Center for Women’s Leadership mentors and guides women who wish to deepen feminine influence in the public sphere. The center offers guidance and support in their mission to boost their unique voices.

Kolech aims to increase the participation of women in Jewish rituals as well as promoting and developing female spiritual leadership is the Israeli society. Consequently,  we encourage social activism among women, as we believe activism creates leadership.


In recent years, the fundamental roles of religious women have transformed in local communities throughout Israel, allowing them to become leaders of various efforts to promote social change. Their growing prominence is seen in the following fields: sciences, judiciary, business, social activism geared towards change of status of women in the courts, religious authorship, public sphere, combating sexual violence, innovations in education, women’s empowerment, and more.

Together with the Dafna Center, Kolech conducted until recently a joint program designed to prepare women for leadership and management roles, including continuous support and assistance. The initiatives led by the graduates of Kolech’s leadership program have had a great impact on our everyday lives as religious women in Israel.   

Current Themes and Activities

Female Spiritual Leadership

A main end of Kolech is to promotion and development of female spiritual leadership within the Israeli society. We work alongside communities, educational and governmental institutions to promote new opportunities for women who are studying in order to be halakhically ordained in various Torah institutions in Israel and abroad.

Main Projects:

Shabbat Dorshot Tov -

The project  launched on July 2016 brought female Torah scholars to the front stage of the Israeli national religious society. Shabbat Dorshot Tov, was an initiative of Kolech partnering with Matan, Midreshet Lindenbaum, Midreshet Ein HaNatziv and The Beit Hillel Rabbinical Association. During that Shabbat, 30 scholars visited 50 communities, giving sermons, and teaching lessons of Torah to all members of the community, men and women alike. In several communities, it was first time a women spoke in front of the whole community.

For Shabbat Dorshot Tov 2017, we wish to expand this project to include more scholar and more communities across Israel.

Dorshot Tov project received positive coverage in Israeli media. Below you can find English media examples reporting and discussing Shabbat Dorshot Tov and its effects:

Jeremy Sharon, Jerusalem Post (News Article): Orthodox Female Torah Scholar to Teach in Synagogues across Country

Yael Rockman, Jerusalem Post (Opinion): Seventy New Faces

Dov Lipman, Times of Israel (Opinion): The Wisdom of Women

If you are a scholar and wish to participate in the project, please contact us

If your community wishes to host a scholar on the next Shabbat Dorshot Tov, please contact us.

The Kolech’s Scholar Forum

The connection made between the Leadership Center’s team and  various female Torah scholars living across Israel created a new forum for female scholars, aimed to address their needs. The steering committee of the forum, composed of the scholars themselves and members of the leadership center’s team, mapped the needs raised by the scholars, offering various lectures and workshop to give guidance and skills to the scholars as they develop and step forward into the world of spiritual leadership.  

Community Lay Leadership

The status of women in the religious society underwent many changes, not only at home and within the family but also in synagogues. More women become active community members, taking part as board members and community presidents. Some women even become gaba’iyot, responsible for duties which are main part of the synagogue’s activity.

Main Projects

Community Lay Leaders Program -

The Community Lay Leadership Program is an initiative of Naama Neubauer, a  graduate of the Women’s Leadership Program of Kolech.Ten women graduate on the first class of the program which took place in partnership with the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem during 2016.

The community lay leaders program encourages women to take an active part in the synagogue in many aspects relating the community management, teaching them skills and giving them tools assisting them to fulfill such positions.

Wish to join the next class of the program? Contact us.