Dorshot Tov

Dorshot Tov is a Women Torah Scholar in Residence program. Led by Kolech, the initiative began in 2016, bringing the Women's Torah learning to the forefront of the Israeli's National Religious society.

The Dorshot Tov, Women Torah Scholar in Residence program is an initiative of Kolech, in collaboration with Matan, The Beit Hillel Rabbinical Association, Midreshet Lindenbaum, Midreshet Ein HaNatziv and Beit Midrash Harel. The program brings female Torah scholars to the forefront of Israel’s National Religious Society to promote the scholarship and teaching of women.

The revolution of women studying Torah in depth has created many Torah scholars, who teach and answer Halachic questions from the public. However, many of them are not well known. Once a year, communities throughout Israel host female Torah Scholars for a Shabbat, during which the scholar speaks publicly for all members of the community, men, and women alike. The Shabbat is an excellent opportunity for engagement between the general public and the scholars.  

This program has been very well received and has created conversations around the place of women in the synagogue. For many, this program provides the first time a woman has taught Torah in front of the entire community and provides an opportunity for discussion and exploration of greater participation of women in religious life.

Rabbi Dov Lipman, a former Israeli member of Knesset, says of Dorshot Tov: Building off the success of this Shabbat, there is no doubt that more and more women will study Torah and feel comfortable and inspired to teach Torah, thereby exposing their wisdom to Jews throughout Israel and the world who are thirsty for knowledge and inspiration.

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Women Scholars in School

In schools, as well as synagogues, most often, the people teaching halacha are men. To provide another perspective, Kolech gives high schoolers, both boys, and girls, the opportunity to hear from women scholars. Begun in 2017, this program sees 10-15 women scholars teaching and leading halachic discussions in high schools across the country.

Hearing a woman lead a halachic discussion transforms the previous notions most teens have that Torah scholars are men. It opens thoughts and opportunities and gives the next generation a different perspective, one that includes men and women as Torah scholars and teachers.

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