About Kolech

Kolech, founded in 1998, is the first Orthodox Jewish feminist organization in Israel.  Kolech aims to increase public awareness and bring about change in Israeli religious society.  It seeks to disseminate the values of gender equality and mutual respect, to encourage equal opportunities for women in the public arena, including the advancement of women’s rights in religious and halachic spheres. Kolech encourages greater equality for women in matters of personal status, such as marriage and divorce, and is in the forefront of an uncompromising battle against all forms of gender violence.

Kolech today is one of Israel’s most prominent feminist organizations as well as an influential leader in Modern Orthodox society.

Its activities include:

  • Raising awareness within the religious community and among its leaders of the change that has occurred in the status of women by means of study days, seminars, Shabbaton weekends, international conferences, and more.
  • Encouraging increased participation of women in community life and in leadership positions; advancing the status of women in the synagogue; promoting varied frameworks of Torah study for and by women.
  • Writing curricula for schools. Conducting training courses for both male and female teachers and students on subjects of gender equality and the prevention of violence. This curriculum aims to foster personal and gender growth and better prepare young people for an egalitarian relationship in married life.
  • Writing public opinion articles as well as scholarly papers on Torah related topics; the publication and distribution of books and leaflets on the weekly portion; the running of an interactive Internet site rich in women’s interpretation of traditional Jewish sources.
  • Fostering frameworks that empower and train a leadership for Jewish women that encourages spiritual growth as well as social and communal involvement.
  • Advancing programs that train religious/spiritual egalitarian leadership for both women and men.
  • Writing and disseminating a prenuptial agreement that prevents get refusal and the extortionist demands that often accompany such refusals.
  • Advancing civic legislation and halachic solutions to the problems of Agunot- women whose husbands disappear without giving them a religious divorce; problems of mesoravot get- women whose husbands refuse to grant them a divorce, and of equal distribution of marital property.
  • Preventing domestic violence and sexual abuse.
  • Mobilizing religious leadership in the struggle against sexual harassment; involvement in the establishment of the Takana Forum to fight against sexual harassment by religious authority figures.
  • Increasing awareness of social responsibility within the religious community by promoting values of pluralism, tolerance and social solidarity as part of the Jewish religious commitment.
  • Fighting gender and racial discrimination such as the legal struggle against gender separation in public areas, and discrimination against Sephardic girls in the educational system.
  • Active partnership with the Coalition of Women’s Organizations in Israel to advance women’s rights in political and public affairs. Joint fight against violence, sexual abuse and discrimination, prostitution, and trafficking in women and pornography..
  • Actions that advance women’s health and welfare: Prevention of Unique medical problems of Haredi women, exploration of solutions to infertility problems, heightened awareness and sensitivity to the advancement of women’s physical and emotional health

“Kolech” is an alliance of women committed to Halacha gender equality and Jewish tradition.

Kolech’s activities is made possible thanks to the generous contributions of: Nathan Cummings Foundation, Dafna Izraeli Foundation, New Israel Fund, Tauber Foundation, Goldman Foundation, Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches.

“Kolech” is a non-profit organization (No.580-328-136)

Most of the activity is voluntary

Address: P.O.B. 10502 Jerusalem

Tel: 972-2-6720321.    Fax: 972-2-6730595