Lead In

Who? We have a cadre of exceptional scholars who are talented and educated. We are not properly taking advantage of their talents. They do not have a future career path and our communities are not benefitting from investment in these individuals with their experience and knowledge. 

What? This is a brand-new project spearheaded from the results of our research which was generously made possible by the UJA Jewish Federation of New York. We will engage communities in placing women in scholarly leadership roles. We will provide spiritual, scholarly women role models for girls and boys, women and men. 

Where? Following extensive research, we have identified the following six models for initial placement of women scholars: Permanent batei midrash (houses of study), mobile batei midrash, communities, schools, various organizations and as rabbinic couples.

How? People fear change. Change is challenging when people are stuck in the stage of the theoretical. By actually placing women in positions inside communities, and thereby creating an opportunity to demonstrate the added value, nerves will be calmed, and market demand will be spurred. After experiencing women spiritual leaders, we will create examples of individuals, communities, and organizations that will not be able to imagine moving forward without it. This program will be groundbreaking in providing paid, official opportunities for women in this field while infusing their places of work with a fresh approach and appreciation for Judaism and Jewish peoplehood. 

When? We are placing our first women in their positions this May 2019. When will future communities and scholars alike benefit from this initiative? That is where you come in. Help make this happen today for a better today and tomorrow. 

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