Telem - Adolescence Epowerment Program

Telem is a program aimed at empowering teenagers. It includes 10 sessions with adolescent boys and girls, 9th-12th grade, studying in religious high schools.

The program is tailored to the different sub-groups within Israeli society, regarding different criteria: financial, social and social-economical.

Why did we create TELEM?

Adolescence is a complicated age. Teen deals with substantial changes in their body, discover new parts of their souls, and are subject to conflicting pressures. They are required to make decisions and carry out tasks that can affect their future (such as high school finals), under constant pressure from their peers and often times, have trying relationships with their parents. In this ‘pressure cooker’, these teens find their bodies growing, attaining urges and needs that they never knew existed. They find they crave to be like everyone else while being different and special; that they are attracted to girls and have a sexual drive, and are learning to be independent and rebellious to the familiar social constructs.

Goal: Empowering Teens in a complex Enviroment

The overall goal of the program is to provide empowerment workshops for teens within the realm of religious high schools, touching on issues that are crucial for them. In the busy routine of school work, there is never enough time to discuss issues that are not part of the core-curriculum, let alone process these sensitive, oftentimes awkward, issues. In some places, this program is the only place for question, thoughts and growing within these issues.

How does it work?

The program is led as a workshop: the participants sit in a circle, there are no lectures, the students are invited at every moment to bring forward their world to the safe space created by the group. The program has several objectives, from we the instructor derives the contents and workshops. Each instructor chooses what content speaks to them, interests them, and that is suitable for the group they are meeting. The TELEM Toolbox has a mass of stellar content so the instructor can choose where to focus, how much weight to give each topic and what to ignore.
We are here to help, point in the right direction and try to make sense of the mess in which the teen is amassed during that difficult time.

Targets of the Program

  • Knowing myself, my body and my mental strength.
  • Knowing the way my body changes and matures.
  • Realising the importance of the urge as a force that created and gives life.
  • Accepting the responsibility that comes with coming of age.
  • Finding freedom and the option to choose within my social-gender part.
  • Developing a positive sense of self and a healthy relation towards my body.
  • Developing awareness to the means of control and choice within the different coping in my life (internet, leisure time, etc.)
  • Gain tools for open, honest and constructive conversation, that allowed trust and listening in the space.
  • Adjusting oneself to positive and respoinsible attitude to mature and aware sexuality.