Sharona Margolin-Halickman


According to the Mishna Brurah, women are obligated in observing all of the mitzvoth of the Passover Seder such as drinking the four cups of wine, reading the Haggada, eating matzah and eating maror(bitter herbs). Are they obligated to recline? Sharona Halickman Discusses

According to Jewish Law, women are exempt from observing many time bound mitzvoth (commandments). In reference to the holidays, there are three positive mitzvoth which the Rabbis specifically require women to observe: lighting the Chanukah candles, reading Megilat Ester on Purim and drinking four...

How is the Mitzvah to marry an orphan connected to the Three Weeks and Tisha B'Av? Sharona Margolin Halickman discusses.

Was Ester a vegan or a vegetarian? What was Ester eating in the king's palace? Sharona Halickman wonders.

Many of us grew up learning the legend of Chana and her seven sons as part of the Chanuka story. We were taught that all seven of Chana’s sons were killed, one by one because they would not bow down to Antiochus’ idol.

Parshat Vaetchanan begins with Moshe’s pleading prayer: “And I pleaded to God at that time…” The Sifri comments that there are ten different words for prayer in the TaNaCh.

In Parshat Ki Tetze (Dvarim 23:4) We are told “lo yavo amoni umoavi bikhal Hahsem”, “An Ammonite or Moavite should not enter into the congregation of God”. The reason that they are not allowed to convert to Jusaism is given in the next verse, “Because they did not meet you with bread and water...